4 Life Changing Things You Didn’t Know PT Can Help You With

You may be quite familiar with the fact that Physical Therapists are medically trained health care professionals that specialize in helping individuals with physical limitations. But chances are you are unaware of these four areas that Physical Therapy can improve your life:

1. Physical Therapy can help your body’s organs!

Physical Therapists are trained to work with the

  • skin,
  • heart
  • and lungs.

2. Physical Therapy can help heal your wounds!

It is common for Physical Therapists to work on wounds such as

  • burns,
  • diabetic ulcers,
  • and ulcers resulting from disorders of the veins or arteries.

Physical Therapists are capable of removing dead tissue from wounds and dressing them properly in order to help the body heal quicker.

3. Physical Therapy can help you rehabilitate from heart issues!

After experiencing a heart attack or a coronary artery bypass, an individual is in need of close supervision and monitoring as they rehabilitate.

A Physical Therapist often oversees their progress and provides a specialized exercise program to help them return to their previous activity level.

4. Physical Therapy can help with your breathing issues!

  • Asthma,
  • chronic bronchitis,
  • and emphysema are conditions affecting the lungs and a person’s ability to breathe.

Physical Therapists offer help as they teach patients ways to conserve energy in their daily routines.

They also provide exercises and teach them breathing strategies to help them maintain adequate oxygenation in the blood.

This allows them to reach the highest level of activity possible with whatever pulmonary disease they are dealing with.

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